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*has just woken up*

*decides to do nothing about dishevelled appearance and bed head hair*

*makes a half-arsed attempt at baking a cake to cheer herself up*

*frowns as it looks nothing like the pretty picture on the box*

*finds phone under a pizza box* *checks for texts*
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*unlocks his front door at ten a.m., in yesterday's clothes, and chucks his umbrella down, wondering exactly how he's going to explain how a trip to the shops to buy Lemsip turned into an after-hours bun raid and an overnight stay at James'*

*decides that Joe probably went out as well and won't care*

*goes to make tea*
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*is standing in front of the bathroom mirror, bottles and combs and stained towels strewn all around him as he's in the midst of attempting to bleach his fringe, as it is long overdue*

*unfortunately, did it all in the wrong order and has already re-dyed the rest of his hair black, and so swears loudly every time the bleach refuses to stay in the fringe area and splatters over his head*

Shitfuckballs fucking..

*sighs, realises he may need a bit of help and looks around for his phone, picking it up (without taking the plastic gloves off, naturally) and swearing some more at the hair dye smearing over the buttons as he dials Rhys' number*

*turns back to glare at his own reflection again and grumbles under his breath while he waits for Rhys' to pick up*
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*is sitting in The Shite Bar*

*pushes the glass around a bit, looking sceptically at the pink liquid*

*glances around the room for someone familiar*

[if I completely screwed that up tell me, I've never played this sort of thing before]
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*has - predictably - forgotten his umbrella ella ella eh eh eh again, but doesn't mind it in the slightest, since it's only a drizzle*

*in fact, is positively skipping through the raindrops, softly singing* I can show you, when it starts to rain, everything's the same...

*feels like he's gonna get a cold, but will start to mind once he actually catches it and can't move from the fever - for now, it's just soft and cool raindrops on his face which cool him off from a hot and busy day in STICKY BUNS*
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Back from skiing, um.

*is at the Shite Bar, nursing a hangover with a vodkajuice*

*has just returned from Chamonix, where they've all had a jolly time and lots of sex and a fair amount of trying to avoid Tom - and also trying to stop Josh from moaning so loud in order that they don't disturb the elderly German couple in the next room*

*winces as the jukebox starts to play Gallows obnoxiously loud, because he's got the mother of all hangovers, on account of having played Kings with Rhys, Joe, Josh, Freddie and as much alcohol as they could carry without getting noticed by the hotel staff - which he lost spectacularly after two hours, passing out on the floor of Freddie's room*

*figures he must have come here for a reason, like to meet someone about something, but he can't remember for the life of him what it was*
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